Sunday, June 12, 2011

Creating a Tarot Deck

So since I am trying to motivate myself to finish my Tarot deck, I thought I would post on exactly what steps I took to create mine to give anyone else an idea of where to start if they are interested.
Obviously, the first thing is to deciede what the theme will be of the deck. For mine, it kind of started out as a joke on a forum that I belong to. I thought it would be funny to take the standard Archtypes of the traditional tarot, and put a military spin. And from there, it kind of took on a life of its own.
From there, I began to get ideas for what all of the cards would be. What would fit in enough to the original meaning that it could still be understood for anyone. I then went to finding pictures and determining what I wanted them to look like. I deceided that the Military ACU would be the perfect background, and then put the pictures and text on top of that. Since Im not really a whiz with Photoshop, as well as being too cheap to buy it, I actually used a Power Point type program to lay out the format for all the cards. I then used Paint as well as another editing software, to get the correct format and size to be able to print them out.
I used "Post card" paper to print them on, and them laminated.
There was alot of trial and error involved with getting the correct size to fit. The only problem what remained was rounding the corners and trimming off the excess corners. This was done by hand with a paper cutter and scissors. While they may not be all exactly the same, I feel that is what makes them great and gives them a unique home made feel.
One day, I would like to see about potentially getting them published professionally. To do this I know that I would have to change my pictures, (taken from the internet) as well as have consent. Until then, I am considering possibly selling them privately. I have calculated what it would cost me to print them, and since it is not too expensive, it would be doable, but time consuming.
Hopefully this will help anyone who is thinking about creating their own deck. If there are any questions, please leave them in the comments, and I will answer them
Blessed Be!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Unhappy Anniversery

So today is my 10 year anniversary, and it has not been a very happy day. First we found out that while we were told that the truck was good to go ahead and get registered, we were told that it did in fact fail the inspection due to the exhaust being too loud. Now we have until Friday, to get another 30 day temp registration on it, and hope that the mufflers come in in time to be able to get it fixed, reinspected and registered. On the plus side, we finally got my car. Of course this was after sitting in a STAU for almost 3 hours to get to the place to get it. I did get to drive it back home, and it handles really well on the Autobahn. So luckily, we wont have to spend as much on gas for me to go to work, or when we need to go somewhere, we can just take that instead of the truck. I must say, that of all the anniversaries so far, this has been one of the worst to date.
It got so bad today, that I was just ready to say fuck it and call it quits on the Army. To top it all off, I was supposed to go to Mannheim when I finished getting the car, but by the time we got done it was too late, so that mission didn't get done, I wont be able to go do it tomorrow, because I will probably have to stay local due to having to go do lane validation for this weekend, and even with doing that, I will still probably have to go out this weekend, and maybe even earlier. FML!
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