Wednesday, December 17, 2014

So many changes..

First I cant believe it has been over a year since I wrote. And ALOT has happened. For starters, around this time last year, December 2 to be exact, we found out we were pregnant with our now 6 month old. Talk about a shock! I was on the pill, but apparently failed to take them like I was supposed to, bad memory and life getting in the way. Six months later he was born. He was 6 weeks early, but healthy as can be. Things were going good.... then came August. We made a trip home, and on the way back, the husband wrecked his motorcycle. So between getting him healed up, Little Man getting bigger, and the 7 year old.... being a 7 year old. Things have been busy. In future posts, I will go into more detail about Little Mans birth as well as the husbands accident, but for now, I am back, and will try to remain current on here, as much as possible.
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