Thursday, November 17, 2011


Feeling very good about myself today. First, a little back story. I went to the promotion board last Monday, and bombed it. Luckily, they were nice enough to just let me go back in December. So, because of how I did at the mock board, I was told that I would be the alternate for the NCO of the Month board. Turns out, I would in fact have to go.. That day was today. Im not gonna lie, I was still really nervous. So much so, that while I knew the NCO Creed almost perfectly last week, I kept stumbling on my words today. I think that part of it might have been the fact that my NCOIC ended up having to supervise me. Well long story short, I ended up winning. So what does that mean, well not much in the grand scheme of it all. Pretty much the recognition. Plus know I know that come next month, I will be good to go for the Promotion Board, and finally have that last step done to get promoted to Staff Sergeant

Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming out out of the Broom Closet More

So in my attempt to be more open with my spirituality, I am considering making a couple of videos to post on You Tube. Lately, I have gotten the bug to create a "travel" book of shadows, that has quickly taken on a mind of its own. Once I get to start working on it, it is hard to stop. I really like the way it is going and the shape that it has taken. Due to this, I have been watching videos of other peoples on You Tube, and was thinking about starting with a video on my altar and my "witchy" things that I have collected, and how my profession plays into my beliefs. In doing these videos, I would do a seperate on on just my books of shadows. Just showing kind of what I started with, and what my binders have become, and what I have now in my to smaller books. I am also looking at getting another small journal similar to what I am currently working on to use just for my Tarot. Include a page for each card, as well as spreads, and actual readings that I perform. Like I said, things are taking on a mind of there own and demanding my attention... Like other things in my life.
Thursday I will be going to the NCO of the Month board to prepare to go to the promotion board (again) in December. So having to find time to study for that, keep up with my classes (dont ask how thats going), as well as making sure mission gets done at work. Oh yeah, we are down to only three people in the section this week, so short staffed, big mission to accomplish, and I am essentially off the road for 2 days, not counting today. Oh yeah a PT test on Wednesday and its gonna be F-ing cold out. It was 34 degrees this morning when they were taking it. Hopefully it will be just a few degrees warmer, but I doubt it. Busy, Busy Busy as always.

Blessed Be!
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