Monday, September 26, 2011

Be in Charge

OK, so I have to get this off of my chest. If you are gonna be in charge.. BE IN CHARGE. Lets say that you are in charge, and will be gone for some reason, and someone will be filling in for you. DO NOT tell this person to do something, that you yourself do not do. I am in this situation myself. I will be in charge of my section starting on Thursday when my NCOIC is on leave. He has made it perfectly clear on numerous occasions, that when I am NCOIC, that it is expected that I will still go out on mission. I have not issue with that. What I have an issue with, is the fact that he doesn't "practice what he preaches." It is almost the end of the month, and mission is still not finished. He has done a grand total of 3 inspections this whole month. And to top it off, we tried to get him to go to 1 site today, and he said he will do it on Wednesday. All I can say is that he better.... OK enough of my bitching. I feel better now!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Been a while.

I know, I know.. its been a while, but things have gotten really busy lately. I finally got enrolled in school hopefully for the last time to finally get my Bachelors. I am going to Eastern Illinois University with my major being General Studies. I know, I know cant do much with that degree, but at this point, its just time that I get the damn thing. When I finally retire, I can always go back and get my Teaching Certifications.
Along with having to get school work done, I just graduated from WLC on Friday. That was a long 19 days, but worth it. That means that I can finally go to the board for E-6. While it seemed like it was a long time, it was actually nice to get back to the basics of being a Soldier again.
And to top it off, I just realized that Alex's birthday is in a month. Hard to believe that he is going to be 4! Where has the time gone. I still remember when all he did was sleep, and now it takes all our power to get him to go to sleep.
Also working on possibly getting some things for the equinox coming up in a couple of days. If not for that then for Samhein which again is next month.
As always, seems like there is so much to do, and not enough time to do it. Oh well, such is the life of being a grown up LOL
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