Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Inspirations

A belated Happy New Years to all. So a little update from last posting. I went to the promotion board and finally got my go, and am now just chasing points waiting to see what the trend is going to be for the new year. Also just this past week, I found out that I will be going to the NCO of the Quarter Board the beginning of this month. This is the follow up to winning the NCO of the Month for December. Yule of course has passed, and there are pictures in my Picassa Album. Christmas was good for everyone here, as well New Years.
So now onto the inspirational piece. So Ive been thinking allot about my Book of Shadows, and ways to redo the binders I have. Well just before New Years, I found my Witches Almanac and Date book. I was looking through them at the articles and both of them had entries on the topic. So I think the verdict is that I am going to make one. I know ambitious for the artistically challenged. Ive kinda been looking at videos and pictures of what others have done and just been feeling inspired to do my own. The only problem that I am running into right now, is that  I cant seem to find the big boxes of the paper that I want, so I may have to either order it, or wait till I can get some.
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