Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This time actually related to work. Got started with a morning meeting, which was fine. And then off to Mannheim to finish out the last inspections for the month (leave it to the Army to wait till the last minute). Had to stop to help out at a couple in Heidelberg on the way back. They turned into failures and the time turned into almost 600 by the time I got home. I know it doesn't seem like its that long, but considering the fact that our "NCOIC" left at like 430 or 500 it was.
For some reason I just feel so drained. Probably cause of everything thats going on with the truck. We ordered the new mufflers today. I'm going to talk to someone tomorrow cause I think that we might still be able to get the permanent tags, based on what I read in the regulation. That is if I interpreted it right. So hopefully that will work out and I wont be stressed out about hoping the parts show up in time. Still got grocery shopping to do, and gas in the truck, but I think for once, I'm not as stressed out about that as I normally would be.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today is the day that school kids look foward too, and many parents dread. It is the unofficial start to summer. School is either over, or almost, its a long weekend. There are BBQ's to attend, and friends and family to hang out with. However, as this day draws to a close here in Germany, I just want to point out that today was actually about remembering those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we are able to enjoy the long weekend and BBQ. So please remember, not just today, but everyday to take a moment and remember those we have lost. It is for that reason that I post this picture of the memorial I set up today. Its not much, but sometimes, there isnt much that is needed.

Monday, May 16, 2011

No Wiccan Support in Heidelberg

So Ive noticed after looking around that there is no support for Wiccans/ Pagans in the Heidelberg Military Community. I find it hard to believe that I am the only one here. With that being said, I have contacted Circle Sanctuary to see what it takes to to possibly get a group started. While it may be a long shot, at least I will have the information for future knowledge. I know that it may take some work, but if I can make it easier for those of a similar ideology to come together, Ill know that it is worth it.
Do I feel that I have all the right answers to be the "leader" of a group, no, but if I can help facilitate a coming together of the community, maybe there will be someone with more knowledge than me.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Top of Altar

Check out photos of my latest Altar Set Up!

Day 1000 of the move!

So today wasnt too terribly productive when it comes to unpacking. Now getting the house a little more in order is another story. Got the empty boxes moved to the basement (still got plenty to unpack), got some more of the dishes washed, went grocery shopping and STOCKED the cabinets, oh and got my altar set up :-). Along with that, realized that the tarot deck that I brought with me has deceided to make itself invisible. Not liking that too much, guess that means I better start paying more attention to them. Due to the limited space we have in our actual living area, I have repurposed a corner desk that we are not using, and put it in our bedroom. The first thing my husband said after it got put together was "that didnt take long, now it seems like we are on the wrong sides of the bed." LOL The nice thing about it is that there are shelves underneath it so that I can now keep everything together, including my books, which opened up more room on our book case.
We also made a trip to Ramstein AB to check out the PX there. They werent lying, that place is like a damn mall. There is one store that might get me into trouble though, "Egyptian Gifts" Maybe Ill make sure that I leave my debit card in the truck when we go there.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 21, 2011 - Judgment Day!; October 21, 2011 - The End of the World

So what does everyone think... are we 9 days away from experiencing the Rapture, and seeing the dead rise? Or are we once again going to wake up to a normal day, just like when he predicted the end of the world in 1994? Ill give him this, he actually did some pretty decent research, and almost (not really lol) makes me want to believe it. I mean seriously, I could read the bible, and have, and must say I could probaly do a better job of predicting this, except for one detail. I have better things to do then twist around the words and meanings of an ancient text to suite my own needs. So whats the verdict? Repent now or plan the weekend party as usual?

May 21, 2011 - Judgment Day!; October 21, 2011 - The End of the World

We are mobile again.

So after having the Government GPS get us lost, and try to take us through a gate that was clearly blocked by a big fence, we made it to the Vehicle Processing Center and got our truck back. It was actually easier to pick it up then to drop it off. Actually took us longer to get there then it did to look everything over and pull out of the lot. We were successful at getting the truck, the fuel card, and enough gas to make it back to Heidelberg. However, as of now we have not been successful in getting a full tank of gas. We went to the ESSO (gas station that NATO works with for rationed gas) and they were out of gas. Then trying to get back home, we got stuck in our first STAU (German for Traffic Jam), due to the Germans thinking its a good idea to work on the road when everyone is getting off work. Hopefully we will be getting me a car this weekend. Nothing too fancy, just something to get me back and forth to work, and to use when we decide to drive downtown. There is NO way the truck is going to fit on some of the little bitty roads around this place.
Now on to witchy matters. LOL. I found an awesome votive set at the PX today. One is a sun and the other is moon and stars. I thought they were cute, and would fit on my altar at some point, and if not they were only a couple of bucks a piece, so they can get used around the house. Ill try to get pictures of them and post them either on here, or in my Picassa album, so keep and eye out if you wanna check them out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving Sucks

So we got all of our HHG delivered on Monday. What is supposed to happen is that the movers are supposed to unpack everything, put everything back together again, and take all the boxes and packing material with them. Like I said, Supposed to. Apparently, I'm not one to do things the easy way, cause that is not what happened. Since we still had our loaner furniture in the house taking up all of the prime real estate for our actual furniture, we pretty much had to up pack and throw things around just to get rid of some of the boxes so we could have room for everything. What a nightmare. It looks like a tornado ripped through my house right now.
Today we finally got the loaner furniture picked up, although they didn't show up until 1130, and were able to get our table, bookcase, as well as both beds put together. We have managed to move some of the empty boxes down to our storage in the basement, until we are done and able to call the movers back to pick them up. There is even a little bit of room for me to be able to lie back and relax on the couch for a little bit tonight. Slowly starting to see where everything is going to go, but can also see that there are allot of things that we need to get rid of. Luckily, we are right close to the re-use center so we will be able to take what we don't need there, and hopefully be able to help someone else out with it.
Im still not sure where all of my witchy goodies are going to go, but I have gathered them all up and put them into a central location to be easily found among the mountain of boxes. I have been so exhausted that I haven't even gotten around to getting a cleansing done. Then again, doesn't seem right to do any kind of cleansing when the house is a mess. The biggest problem I'm running into is with the kitchen. Since everything has been in storage containers for so long, it needs to be washed. Of course only so much will fit into the dish washer at a time, and do to the hard water in Germany, washing them by hand leaves water spots, unless we dry them with a towel. But slowly things are finding a home, and getting put away. I was even able to use my own pots and pans to cook dinner tonight. Has anyone else realized how nice it is to eat off of actual glass plates. We were using plastic for so long that I almost forgot.
So I think that is enough of my rambling for tonight. I should be getting back to work unpacking, but will probably end up going straight to bed, now that I have my nice comfy (all be it old) back. I should be out in no time.
Until next time.. Blessed Be!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting settled in

Yes I know that I have not written pretty much since I started this, but hopefully now that I am finally started to get settled into Germany, and the dust is setting on this PCS, that will change. We will finally be getting our HHG (Army speak for personal belongings House Hold Goods), and our vehicle should be here soon.
As far as military housing goes its not bad. They are apartments, but the walls seem to be concrete so we don't really hear our neighbors, except for when they close front doors, or go down the stairs.
Ive noticed that with all of my witchy supplies gone, I have been feeling a little out of sorts. Of course some of that could be the borrowed (Government) furniture that we are using. While it is nice to finally be able to get some things settled in after being in the guest lodge for 21 days, it still doesn't feel quite like home without all of our own furniture.
Haven't really started "working" yet, but I did teach a basic Heat Injury Prevention class for a safety day. Easy stuff, but none the less good to kinda get into it again.
First thing on the agenda for when everything gets here and gets unpacked....House Blessing. Gotta get rid of whatever remnants of energy are left from the previous tenants. Gotta love Military Housing sometimes.
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