Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This time actually related to work. Got started with a morning meeting, which was fine. And then off to Mannheim to finish out the last inspections for the month (leave it to the Army to wait till the last minute). Had to stop to help out at a couple in Heidelberg on the way back. They turned into failures and the time turned into almost 600 by the time I got home. I know it doesn't seem like its that long, but considering the fact that our "NCOIC" left at like 430 or 500 it was.
For some reason I just feel so drained. Probably cause of everything thats going on with the truck. We ordered the new mufflers today. I'm going to talk to someone tomorrow cause I think that we might still be able to get the permanent tags, based on what I read in the regulation. That is if I interpreted it right. So hopefully that will work out and I wont be stressed out about hoping the parts show up in time. Still got grocery shopping to do, and gas in the truck, but I think for once, I'm not as stressed out about that as I normally would be.

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