Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting settled in

Yes I know that I have not written pretty much since I started this, but hopefully now that I am finally started to get settled into Germany, and the dust is setting on this PCS, that will change. We will finally be getting our HHG (Army speak for personal belongings House Hold Goods), and our vehicle should be here soon.
As far as military housing goes its not bad. They are apartments, but the walls seem to be concrete so we don't really hear our neighbors, except for when they close front doors, or go down the stairs.
Ive noticed that with all of my witchy supplies gone, I have been feeling a little out of sorts. Of course some of that could be the borrowed (Government) furniture that we are using. While it is nice to finally be able to get some things settled in after being in the guest lodge for 21 days, it still doesn't feel quite like home without all of our own furniture.
Haven't really started "working" yet, but I did teach a basic Heat Injury Prevention class for a safety day. Easy stuff, but none the less good to kinda get into it again.
First thing on the agenda for when everything gets here and gets unpacked....House Blessing. Gotta get rid of whatever remnants of energy are left from the previous tenants. Gotta love Military Housing sometimes.

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