Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving Sucks

So we got all of our HHG delivered on Monday. What is supposed to happen is that the movers are supposed to unpack everything, put everything back together again, and take all the boxes and packing material with them. Like I said, Supposed to. Apparently, I'm not one to do things the easy way, cause that is not what happened. Since we still had our loaner furniture in the house taking up all of the prime real estate for our actual furniture, we pretty much had to up pack and throw things around just to get rid of some of the boxes so we could have room for everything. What a nightmare. It looks like a tornado ripped through my house right now.
Today we finally got the loaner furniture picked up, although they didn't show up until 1130, and were able to get our table, bookcase, as well as both beds put together. We have managed to move some of the empty boxes down to our storage in the basement, until we are done and able to call the movers back to pick them up. There is even a little bit of room for me to be able to lie back and relax on the couch for a little bit tonight. Slowly starting to see where everything is going to go, but can also see that there are allot of things that we need to get rid of. Luckily, we are right close to the re-use center so we will be able to take what we don't need there, and hopefully be able to help someone else out with it.
Im still not sure where all of my witchy goodies are going to go, but I have gathered them all up and put them into a central location to be easily found among the mountain of boxes. I have been so exhausted that I haven't even gotten around to getting a cleansing done. Then again, doesn't seem right to do any kind of cleansing when the house is a mess. The biggest problem I'm running into is with the kitchen. Since everything has been in storage containers for so long, it needs to be washed. Of course only so much will fit into the dish washer at a time, and do to the hard water in Germany, washing them by hand leaves water spots, unless we dry them with a towel. But slowly things are finding a home, and getting put away. I was even able to use my own pots and pans to cook dinner tonight. Has anyone else realized how nice it is to eat off of actual glass plates. We were using plastic for so long that I almost forgot.
So I think that is enough of my rambling for tonight. I should be getting back to work unpacking, but will probably end up going straight to bed, now that I have my nice comfy (all be it old) back. I should be out in no time.
Until next time.. Blessed Be!

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