Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 1000 of the move!

So today wasnt too terribly productive when it comes to unpacking. Now getting the house a little more in order is another story. Got the empty boxes moved to the basement (still got plenty to unpack), got some more of the dishes washed, went grocery shopping and STOCKED the cabinets, oh and got my altar set up :-). Along with that, realized that the tarot deck that I brought with me has deceided to make itself invisible. Not liking that too much, guess that means I better start paying more attention to them. Due to the limited space we have in our actual living area, I have repurposed a corner desk that we are not using, and put it in our bedroom. The first thing my husband said after it got put together was "that didnt take long, now it seems like we are on the wrong sides of the bed." LOL The nice thing about it is that there are shelves underneath it so that I can now keep everything together, including my books, which opened up more room on our book case.
We also made a trip to Ramstein AB to check out the PX there. They werent lying, that place is like a damn mall. There is one store that might get me into trouble though, "Egyptian Gifts" Maybe Ill make sure that I leave my debit card in the truck when we go there.

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