Thursday, May 12, 2011

We are mobile again.

So after having the Government GPS get us lost, and try to take us through a gate that was clearly blocked by a big fence, we made it to the Vehicle Processing Center and got our truck back. It was actually easier to pick it up then to drop it off. Actually took us longer to get there then it did to look everything over and pull out of the lot. We were successful at getting the truck, the fuel card, and enough gas to make it back to Heidelberg. However, as of now we have not been successful in getting a full tank of gas. We went to the ESSO (gas station that NATO works with for rationed gas) and they were out of gas. Then trying to get back home, we got stuck in our first STAU (German for Traffic Jam), due to the Germans thinking its a good idea to work on the road when everyone is getting off work. Hopefully we will be getting me a car this weekend. Nothing too fancy, just something to get me back and forth to work, and to use when we decide to drive downtown. There is NO way the truck is going to fit on some of the little bitty roads around this place.
Now on to witchy matters. LOL. I found an awesome votive set at the PX today. One is a sun and the other is moon and stars. I thought they were cute, and would fit on my altar at some point, and if not they were only a couple of bucks a piece, so they can get used around the house. Ill try to get pictures of them and post them either on here, or in my Picassa album, so keep and eye out if you wanna check them out.

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