Monday, September 26, 2011

Be in Charge

OK, so I have to get this off of my chest. If you are gonna be in charge.. BE IN CHARGE. Lets say that you are in charge, and will be gone for some reason, and someone will be filling in for you. DO NOT tell this person to do something, that you yourself do not do. I am in this situation myself. I will be in charge of my section starting on Thursday when my NCOIC is on leave. He has made it perfectly clear on numerous occasions, that when I am NCOIC, that it is expected that I will still go out on mission. I have not issue with that. What I have an issue with, is the fact that he doesn't "practice what he preaches." It is almost the end of the month, and mission is still not finished. He has done a grand total of 3 inspections this whole month. And to top it off, we tried to get him to go to 1 site today, and he said he will do it on Wednesday. All I can say is that he better.... OK enough of my bitching. I feel better now!

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