Thursday, January 20, 2011


As I begin to get further along on little tarot project, I felt it appropriate to begin writing about it. And I figured why not put it out there for all to see.
First let me being with a little introduction of myself. My name is Jamie and I am 28 years old. If I could only use one word phrases to describe myself, they would be, Mother, Wife, Soldier, Wiccan, Student, Daughter. Yes you read that correctly. I am in the Army, and I am a Wiccan. My son is the most important thing to me, and is just above my husband (maybe tied). They are the reason why I do the things that I do. Yes I am a Soldier and yes I have been deployed (twice). That's all that I would care to discuss about that at this juncture.
So on to how my tarot project came to be. I was looking around one of the many message boards that I frequent, and was looking at all the different themed decks that everyone had. I had kinda jokingly mentioned how it would be funny if there was an Army themed deck. Little did I know that shortly after that, I would get a big slap to the face and the inspiration to work on a write up for what all the decks would be. Next thing I know, I'm actually working on designing cards, and trying to get just the right pictures for them. And now a month and a half later, they are just about done. Some of them have even been printed out. I am actually quiet proud of the way they are turning out. I have had some help and encouragement along the way, and am truly thankful for that. If you get the time, I hope you will take a look at how they are looking so far, and let me know what you think. Check out
Until next time, Blessed Be

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