Monday, July 2, 2012

First day of "Pre School"

So Alex had his first day of Pre School today, and it seems to have been a hit. He got to sing songs, play games, and even brought an art project home. Oh and by the way, he went to sleep on time! One "issue" though. I went to orientation today, and had to fill out some paper work, and one of the questions had to do with what holidays do we celebrate? Of course there were the mainstream ones, but nothing even remotely Pagan. Personally, I had no issue just checking Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, because we do still "celebrate" but of course not for the reasons most people do. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this or a similar issue ever come up with a school or something similar.
Since he was so proud (and so was I honestly), here is a picture of the Hat that he made in school. Of course it is 4th of July themed, and had to resized when we got it home.

PS He has a show and tell also when he goes back on Friday. Any ideas on what a 4 year old could take for Show and Tell?

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  1. I know a friend who wrote "other" then listed all the names and dates.

    It got conversation started and their beliefs out in the open a lot sooner and smoother than expected.
    But we also live in a very open part of Canada so their experience may be the better of the various outcomes that could happen.

    Good luck on that, I'll be following along to pick up advice for when I have little ones.



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