Sunday, July 10, 2011


So its been a while, I really need to get on the ball about updating and writting more often. So lets see where to begin. Well we finally got the truck to pass inspection. It was close but it was finally quite enough. I am currently waiting to hear from Eastern Illinois University to see if I have been accepted into their Bachelors in General Studies program. I know it sounds kind of lame that its only in general studies, but at this point, all I really need is the degree. I can focus more specifically and get licencsed when it gets closer to time for me to retire. Im actually really excited at the thought that I might be able to get my degree from a college back home, even though I havent lived there in 10 years. Starting to get things together for my birthday. I already have most of everything I need for my birthday altar, and will possibly be doing a bbq or something the weekend before. Check out my Picassa album for some interesting pics that I took in the woods yesterday, provided I can find a way to get them off of my phone.

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