Friday, March 9, 2012

PBP - E for Eclectic

I cant even begin to count the number of times that I get asked the question, "so what do you believe?" For me this can tend to get a little complicated, but makes perfect sense to me. Many Pagans and Wiccans feel that in order to be a "real" pagan or wiccan, you need to follow one set of beliefs. Well for me this is not the case. I am an Eclectic. Do I see myself as Pagan? YES Do I see myself as Wiccan? YES. So what do eclectics believe? Well that depends on who you ask. Many eclectics draw from different beliefs to create what is right for them. As for me, when I get this question, the first thing I explain is my thoughts on divinity. As of right now, I do not follow any certain pantheon or deities by name. For me it is more of the feeling that the goddess and god are here, there and everywhere. Will I always feel like this? I cant say, but right now it feels right to me. Do I have to go through a long elaborate ritual set up every time I want to do any kind of work? No. If I choose to, I do, but otherwise, I keep it relatively informal. I invite the elements and goddess and god to join me for my work, and get down to business. Do I set up a circle? Yes, but I visualize as opposed to actually walking it. Is this how all eclectics conduct their practice? No, but that is was is so nice about being eclectic. The freedom to do as you choose. I personally think that while I do not worship by name, being able to practice as I see fit, allows me to be closer to the goddess and god. If I want to do spell work, or perform a ritual for a Sabbat, I am able to get down to business without all the extra work. To me being eclectic is about being free. Be able to practice as I see fit. If I don't feel like performing a Sabbat ritual on the night of the actual Sabbat, I know that I can postpone it without feeling like I am doing something wrong. If I mess up some wording because I am saying whatever comes to mind, I know that it doesn't matter. What does matter is the intent and the energy that I put into my practice, not the rules that I follow.


  1. Hi Jamie :)
    I found you through the Pagan Blog Project. Your post caught my eye as I also identify as eclectic and enjoy reading what that means to others.
    I thought it was interesting that you identify as both Wiccan and Eclectic - I sort of feel like Wicca comes with a relatively standard set of 'rules' through which connection to divinity is attained. I'm curious if there is a specific reason that you choose to identify as/with Wicca(n) instead of leaving off that label in favor of 'Pagan'. Please don't feel obligated to explain - this is just me talking out loud. I practiced Wicca for some time in my younger years and ultimately found that it was too limiting for me, personally.
    I agree that one of the benefits of being eclectic truly is the freedom to mix and match, grow and change - adapting your practice as your needs dictate.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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