Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - K for Kitchen Witch

When it comes to magic and witchcraft, there are more forms and types than one person could even begin to list. One in particular seems to be fitting to many of us with family, whether we realize it or not. That would be Kitchen Magic. This is especially true for me. While I may not always want to cook, I do enjoy it. I actually took some time to try to think about why. The way I see it, everyone needs food to survive. When I am in the kitchen cooking something for my family, even if its pre-made), I am provinding the nurishment that they need. While I may not be fully aware of it, I am putting my energy into what ever it is that I am making. In turn my family eats it, and gets a little bit of that energy. After thinking about that, and coming to that realization, I have decieded that I am going to be more careful about how I cook. By this I mean, making sure I have my emotions and energy in control when I am preparing the food. There is no sense in passing on what I am feeling to my family

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