Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Need to vent!

OK, so I know I have not posted in a LOOONNGG time, but things come up! I just need to get this out real quick.
So I was browsing Facebook, and one of the feeds that I get posted a link to a profile of an "Army Officer." Needless to say, it is clear that not only is this person NOT in the military, but has no respect for anyone of us that do serve. To put it simply, he needs to be prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act. Normally, this is something that I would just pass by, but for some reason, I looked at the profile, and WOW! Thats all I can say about it. Not only did he supposedly get 6 Silver Stars, but he was only in for 6 years. Sometimes I just wish we would bring back firing squads, and put people like this infront of them. Before you ask, NO, I will not post the link. I dont think this person deserves anymore attention then they have already received.  Thats why I normally dont post to these peoples pages. But I think this one deserved it.

In other news, things are still rolling along, and Im still dealing with issues that are going on back home. I was hoping they would be over, but looks like it will be another week. My staff at work is getting smaller seems like by the day, and as of right now, I will not be attending the school that I was planning on next October, but I am still waiting on more information on that so we will see. I REALLY hope that I will be able to get back to my Pagan Blog posts this week.

Until then
Blessed Be

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