Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Well, just finished my last final for the semester, and just have to wait for grades to post. Sadly, I'm just hoping for Cs across the board. In all actuality, I would like them to be higher, but the semester didn't go as good as I would have liked it. Too much stress and other things going on. This means that I will probably have to file a Financial Aid Appeal again for Fall Semester, but at least I will have a higher GPA than last semester. Just looking forward to knowing that finally my work is paying off, and I might actually have some credits to show for it this time around.
Since I have been so stressed and busy, I have decided to take Summer semester off, and will start again in the Fall. This also gives me time to just relax, and get things done that I need to do, like my ALC Phase 1 that starts in July. Maybe I will even be able to enjoy my down time instead of spending it worried that I will not be worried that I am forgetting to do an assignment.
One more weight off my back for now.

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