Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Coupon Trips

So I have been seeing all this hype about people shopping with coupons. So I did my research, printed some out, and headed to the Commissary. Ill admit, that I felt a little silly standing in the aisle looking to figure out what coupons I had, but luckily, I managed to remember most of what I had. I was actually kinda on a roll, and found some in the store to use as well. While I had not planned on a big trip, I did manage to get $73 worth of groceries for $59, saving me 20% which I think is the first time I have had that happen. YAY me. So today, I went to the PX needing to get a new water filter and a bone for Kovu. While the bone was out of stock, I again managed to get $71 worth of items for $59 saving me another 19% I know this is a first. My biggest accomplishment today was the 2 bottles of Pantene that averaged out to $.85 a bottle! This just might be worth it afterall. Since then, I signed up for a few services that will send expired coupons to troops overseas since we can use them up to 6 months after the expiration date. If you coupon, and have expired ones, please check out Coups for Troops and Coupons to Troops who both send coupons directly to Soldiers who share what we do not use with others. Im excited to see what this new adventure holds, especially when I get back to the states.

In other news, I know that I have been slacking in my Pagan Blog Project Posts, but things have been really crazy, and I will be getting back to them this week. I have recently submitted paperwork that will allow me to leave Germany 8 months early. While it has been fun, there is no point in finishing my 3 years, since where I am at will be closing down before then. I am hoping it will work out like I am planning, which will get me home some time next summer, with an assignment at Ft Leonardwood, and then going to school in Ft Sam Houston for four months. Pretty much just waiting on the next higher level to bless off on it and it will be good to go.

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