Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So, with this being a new year, and us moving sometime hopefully in the next 6-8 months, I have decieded to turn over a new leaf when it comes to housework, and keeping the house clean. I remember when it was time to move from NC and what a nightmare it was to get packed and cleaned at the same time. DO NOT want to do that again! I have heard about and actually looked at previously a site called Fly Lady. The short version is that it is simple for anyone to have a home that is ready for people to come over with as short of a time as 15 minutes a day. Basically, instead of tackling the housework in one marathon session, everything is broken down into Zones, and done in 15 minute blocks of time. After all, who doesn't have 15 minutes?

When you start as a Fly Baby, there are 31 baby steps that you are to start with. This is a way to help get used to the program, as well as establish a routine. The first one is Shine your Sink. The concept of this is that if you shine your sink, when you wake up the next morning, you will be greeted by a clean shiny sink, and will motivate you to accomplish the rest. Lets give this a try. I just followed the directions that are provided on the site, and now have a nice shiny sink in my kitchen! It did help, that I decided to pretty much clean my whole kitchen this weekend, but that is not the point. So, along with the baby steps, there are zones of the house for each week to work on as well as missions each day to accomplish in that zone.
This weeks zone is the kitchen. If you are just starting out, she suggests that you start off small in each zone by de-cluttering first. Once that is done, then you can move onto more detailed cleaning. So that's what I did, got rid of some of the clutter on my counter as well as my microwave. Also accomplished the mission for today which was to clean the cabinet doors.
So far so good. Lets see how this works out. If anyone else out there is FLYing, I would love to hear how it has gone for you. I will continue to post about this as time goes on to let everyone know how it is going.

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