Friday, January 11, 2013

PBP - Air

So, for this second week of the Pagan Blog Project, I really had to think about what to write? Do I want to cover a new topic, or should I expand on last weeks?
As you can see from the title, I have decided to cover a new topic. The Element Air. As with all posts I do, this is for my practice, and my no means the end all be all.
So, what about Air. For me, Air represents all that is free and light, Slow and relaxing, not fast and invigorating (Water to me).  Birds, Butterflies, Flying Insects, and Fairies all represent Air to me. While they obviously all fly, they are also free to go and do as they please. Springtime embodies Air as everything that you expect to see in the air and around you has finally come back after the long cold winter. Everything is coming alive and feels more alive again. When combined with its direction East on an Altar, incense is one of the simplest representations for Air. Others could also include Athame, a Feather, picture of a bird, Air Representation (instrument, picture), or a bell. Again, whatever feels right to you.
I am keeping this post short, as I am having problems with my Internet tonight, but hope that I have been able to pass along a little bit of knowledge and information to everyone. Until next time Blessed Be!

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