Sunday, April 8, 2012

PBP - Goddess and God

"So what is the Goddess and the God?" Who among us Pagans, has never been asked this question. I recently was asked this question when some asked me about my beliefs. While we all may have our own definition of what these words mean to us, how do we explain them to others? How do you describe the feeling of knowing that no matter where you go they are with you? They are that nudge you need when you are struggling, that push to finish what you started. Duality. Male and Female. Light and Dark. Yin and Yang. Everything and nothing. Are they corporal beings in anyway? For me, no. I dont expect to cross over and be greeted by them, but I know that they will be there. Do I follow any particular goddess and god, no. For me it is more of a concept of everything that cannot be narrowed down to one.
So how did I answer the question? "What is your god to you?" Seemed only fair to me. So next time you are asked the question, maybe turn it around and see if the person is able to answer the question as well. You might be surprised by the answer, or even the lack of an answer.

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  1. You are so right with this one. Turn the question around, because most just assume that we all have the same god and don't take the time to really learn about them. Its just taken for granted that everyone knows so why find an answer to a question you never expect to be asked.

    Thanks for linking up to PPBH!



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