Friday, April 27, 2012


Many Pagans are in the "broom closet" about their beliefs, but why? Some are scared of what people in their lives will think. Some are just waiting for the right moment. Well, if you are one of these people who are waiting for the right time, how about May 2? Why May 2, because it just happens to be International Pagan Coming Out Day! If you are choosing to come out as a Pagan why not on a day, that there will be many others coming out as well?
I personally don't feel that I have ever really been in the closet. I just chose to not talk about religion too much due to it being a touchy subject for many people. Of course, I never really hid my beliefs from anyone. I wear my pentacle ring and necklace (under my uniform of course), have Wiccan on my dog tags, and kept my altar in my dining room when I had the space. I have had discussions about my beliefs, started writing this blog, and post "interesting" information on my facebook page from time to time. I have never experienced any discrimination, and have had nothing but acceptance from my family, the ones that know anyways. It should be noted that the ones who do not know, I either do not talk too, or just don't care about my beliefs. For me it is nice knowing that I don't have to hide my beliefs from anyone.

Since it is getting late here in Germany, and my Energy is not where I would like it to be anyways, I will leave everyone with a link to the IPCOD website, and invite you to browse around. I will continue at another time, my thoughts on being out of the broom closet.

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  1. Very Well said! I wish you have the strength, wisdom and courage to send your message out LOUD AND PROUD!:)
    I am a Military Spouse standing proudly behind my husband serving here in Japan..

    May the God/Goddess Bless you and your Travels!


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