Saturday, April 14, 2012

PBP - H for Home

Home is the place where you live, whether its an apartment, house, motel, dorm, barracks, or a spare room in someone Else's home. So what does this have to do with being Pagan? Well since many of us practice in our homes alone, it also becomes our place of worship. Ideally, there should be somewhere where you can be alone with your chosen entity. Of course this is not always possible, We have family, friends, roommates, and neighbors, that can prevent this. What is important is that when you go to worship, you are able to relax. With so many people in our homes everyday, allot of energy can be kicked up and left around both good and bad. This can effect how you are able to worship. If there is a lot of negative energy hanging around, it can make it difficult. Personally, what I do, is before I begin, I take a few minutes to ground and center myself and get rid of the energy in the immediate area of where I will be working. Of course, there are times when this may not be enough. As I have my own energy issues right now, I will be addressing this next week. This was just an intro on the topic.

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