Monday, November 26, 2012

School Jobs

So as part of Alex's Sure Start Class, everyone gets to take turns to have jobs in the classroom. The week before Thanksgiving and the week of he was "The Inspector" which meant he got to take two friends around the classroom and make sure everything was picked up and mot messy before it was time to go outside. Well I just happened to ask him today what his new job is and he said he was the "Flag Helper." He told me that he gets to hold the flag. I kinda had an idea where this was leading, but we have been trying to get him to tell us about school and what he learned, not that he just had fun. So I ask him, what happens when he holds the flag, and he proceeds to demonstrate holding the flag. So I then say, well what do your friends do while you are holding the flag? "Say the Pledge of Allegiance" Of course it took some coxing, (and maybe some bribery) but I managed to get him to say it on camera. Be advised, he is 5 and a little silly most of the time, I don't know what he was doing while he was saying it. I do know that his hand is up because he wanted me to "pick him" when he was done.

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