Monday, November 26, 2012

Mercury Retrograde

OK, so I am the kinda witch that will read my Zodiac AFTER the fact, and realize, DAMN, maybe I should have stayed in bed. I am also one who usually doesn't give much notice to the Astrological Pain in the Ass.......


 Personally, I have never noticed much different during the time, and in fact, it usually passes by me without me even knowing it. Not this year!

I am hoping that since it is 900 pm here in Germany, that it is safe for me to talk about this. So pretty much all month, I have been having problems with my phone. First, for some reason, all my contacts that were saved to the SIM card are gone, but still there. I can search through the history, and they are there, but when I go to search the contacts, they are gone. I tried, to save the info from the history, but no luck, the phone thinks it is on the SIM. Also tried to add a new contact, didn't save, but saved. Then by great "Smart phone" decided what it would be fun to just randomly turn off while in my pocket. Yes the phone was locked, and there is no way for the pocket to turn it off, since it was the shoulder pocket of my ACU's. Then it would just turn off when I would put it on my desk. The past couple of days, when I would plug it in to charge, it couldn't make up its mind whether it was charging or not. So that has been the drama with the phone. So over the weekend I was trying to check one of my email accounts and was told that my user name had been locked. That's weird, cause I was just on it 5 minutes before when my computer decided to crap out on me for a min. All that being said, I think I have learned my lesson.
 So what have I learned over the past 3 weeks? Know when to take a step back. Things have been so crazy at work, that sometimes, I just need to remember that I am only one person, and I have other commitments that I have to take care of as well. Maybe sometimes, I need to focus more on my family than my work.
Oh yeah, and keep an eye out for that evil Mercury Retrograde and what lessons may come along with it, cause they will come whether you are ready for them or not.
So how has this Mercury Retrograde treated you, and have you done anything in the past or present to prepare for it? Let me know, I would love to hear the stories.

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