Thursday, November 22, 2012


So it is 708pm here in Germany. The meal has been eaten, the leftovers put away, dished almost all washed, and some pie eaten. All with some friends from Wiesbaden who came over with their 3 year old daughter. Overall it has been a pretty good day. There was a little bit of fighting with Alex and Kiba at first, but after that it has been pretty smooth sailing. So sitting here has got me thinking.. what exactly am I thankful for?
Well of course there is my husband and son first. Without them, I don't know what I would do. Next I would have to say my job. While it is VERY stress full, especially now that things are starting to close down. I really do love what I do. Not just the day to day aspect of it, but being in the military in general. I am also thankful for the friends and family that are there no matter what. While there may be discrepancies from time to time, I would do anything for them.
Since I am feeling the effects of cooking all day, and the turkey, I'm going to end this by asking "What are you thankful for?"

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