Friday, January 4, 2013

PBP 2013 - Altars

So since this is the beginning of a new year, I have decided to once again participate in the Pagan Blog Project. So starting at the beginning if the alphabet, this week, I bring you A for Altars.
So, what is an Altar? That depends on who you are. If you are Christian (any denomination will do) it is where the priest/ pastor/ etc stands and gives there sermon. However, if you fall under the Very Large Pagan umbrella, the Altar may be a little bit different. It may be where you perform your "spells", or other works. It may be simple set up for daily devotions to the divine. No matter what the purpose, it is uniquely yours. No two are ever the same. Sometimes even with one individual person. I personally set mine up differently as the mood suits me.

So if you are Pagan, what goes on an altar? Again, this is different for each person and the purpose. "Traditionally" you will see representations of the elements and something to represent the divine. So what can you use? ANYTHING YOU WANT TO! Don't be fooled into thinking there is only one thing that you can use. For example, incense has been used to represent Air. I myself do use incense, but I also have a votive holder that has a feather as well as a charm of a bird. To me both represent air, since they fly.

Altars seem to be a topic that many people like to discuss. However, how many people actually are willing to share what they have. I personally love to look at what other people have used to set up their altars. I love seeing the creativity that they put into them, and the attention that clearly goes into one that have been constructed to suit them. It is allot like getting a look at someones personality, and seeing that they hold close to them.

Since I mentioned sharing altars, I have included pictures of some of the altars that I have set up in the past. Please feel free to look at them as inspiration only. As I stated there is, in my opinion, no set way to set it up. Do what feels right to you.

Set up for Ostara 2011. Notice the stuffed bunnies!

This was the first time I got it set up when I got to Germany. Had to go to a smaller table to make the most of the little space I have.

HAPPY 4th of July! There is no reason why blessing cant be performed for "normal" holidays

Memorial Corner set up for Memorial Day

First set up for Samhain
Hope you enjoyed looking at what I have done, and that this helps anyone who may be having issues deciding what to put on their altar


  1. Your altars are lovely and creative. Thanks for sharing. ^_^


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