Friday, February 24, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - D for XIII????

What does the number 13 have to do with the letter "D"? Well as some one who studies Tarot, 13 is the number of the (in my opinion) highly misunderstood Death card. Nothing freaks most people out more than seeing that ominous looking skeltal knight (Rider Waite) and the word DEATH staring back at them. "Oh my god, someone I know is going to die, is it me, my parents, my friends?!?!?" Ive had this kind of freak out when I was doing a reading before, and the short answer was "Yes... with a disclaimer." Not die in the physical sense.
So what does it mean when the Death Card comes up in a reading? Well, just like all other cards in tarot, it depends on the placement in the reading. However, in general, it means that it is time to let go of something. What are you holding on to that is preventing you from reaching your potential? Is there someone in your life that is a hazard to you? We all have that habit or person in our life that we know is toxic to us. This card is telling you that it is time to move along, and part ways. It is basically the death of the relationship that you have with that habit, thing, person etc.
On the flip side of this card, maybe there is something that you need to hold onto a little stronger. Did you set a goal to get promoted? Have you started doing something that will actually help you get that promotion. Have you meet someone new? Maybe you need to open up to them more, so they can serve their purpose in your life.
Are you being cruel to yourself? Maybe you are your worst enemy causing you to not reach your goals. Maybe you are killing your own dreams, but telling yourself that you are not good enough. Has your dream died before it even had a chance to build up? Are your goals to high? Sure we would all like to be millionaires, but is that possible? Not always. Try setting a more realistic goal to give yourself a reachable point to get to.
These are just some of the questions to be considered when looking at the Death Card. Still you may be thinking to yourself, "I hate when this card comes up in a reading, and I have to see THAT look on someones face. How can I help them cope with the initial shock?" Well what I do, is as soon as I see the card come up, I immediately say "Don't freak out, this isn't a bad thing." Quickly reassure them that life as they no it is not going to come crumbling down, and that they don't need to start planning their Last Will and Testament. This usually works, but when it does not, I try to quickly incorporate that card into the reading. After all just with the image alone most people will not be able to concentrate until you give them the bad news that they know is coming from this card. Of course maybe this is the only reason this card came up in the first place. "What are you scared of?" Are you afraid that there is something in your life that you wont be able to do? Then stop procrastinating and get it done. "Don't put off for tomorrow what can be done today." Are you afraid that when you die, someone will never know how you truly feel? Tell them. What have you got to lose? Maybe they feel that same way. Maybe they don't, but by telling them, you are finally able to move on and find someone else. Are you in a "dead-end" job that is going no where? Find something different. What does your heart tell you you want to be doing?
As with most of the cards in Tarot, the Death Card is very complex, and different for each person. Listen to what the card has to say. There is always a lesson to be learned.

Of course there is always the possibility that the lesson to be learned from this card, is for you the reader. Are you afraid to give people bad news in a reading. "They are going to hate me if I tell them that things will not work out. That everything is not all wine and roses all the time." Sometimes we have to take a chance to look at ourselves every now and then. Is it time for you to stop hiding things that come up in readings? We cant be nice all the time. Everyone deserves to know the "truth." Even if it is not something that they want to hear.

All this from a simple image of a skeleton riding a horse. Of course this is just my opinions and thoughts on the card. Please use your thoughts and judgement when doing readings. If you listen, you may be surprised what they will tell you. If you listen close, they may even tell you what they "mean."
So I leave you now with a different image of a death card. Not nearly as "scary" but I think it still gets the same meaning of moving on across. Hope you like, and please let me know what you think.
13- Soldiers Memorial (Death from my Military Tarot)
Also the first card that I completed.

Blessed Be 

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