Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wishing for sleep

So got three paganish posts today, so now time for a little more personal. I some how managed to get all of my assignments done for school while Alex was awake. My plan to get us up early today, really didn't work out so well, so here's hoping for a relatively short night. It was relatively calm right before bedtime, but then again, that doesn't mean anything with him. He could be nice and calm one minute, and a ball of energy the next. In fact right now I can hear him in his room playing with race cars instead of going to sleep. I am really hoping that when he goes in for his physical that the doctor will be able to provide some kind of insight as to why he wont sleep. We have tried asking him, but of course since he is 4, he really cant answer. Of course our response is that he is afraid that he is going to miss something. I really hope that he grows out of this again soon. I'm not sure how many more late nights I can take. I am really suffering in the lack of sleep department when it comes to work. I find myself falling asleep at the computer for who knows how long. I know that this is all part of being a parent, but sometimes enough is enough. It has even gotten so bad, that it feels like the husband and I don't get anytime to be together. We are always with little man, asleep, or about to fall asleep. And of course, me being who I am, makes me feel like a bad wife, on top of being a bad mother because I cant get my child to go to sleep. Not even a week ago, he was asleep by 1000 at the latest, and now all I can do is hope for no later that 1130 or 1200.
Well luckily I have tomorrow off, so that hopefully I can start off with getting him up at a normal IE early time, as well as getting a good start on my school work. The seems to be what my problem has been lately. I am just so tired when I get home on Mondays that I don't want to do anything except sleep.  Until next time. Blessed Be!

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  1. I know I'm just a random person you don't know, but I've have similar trouble with my own son's sleeping issues. He's almost 7 now, and has been going to a sleep specialist since he was 2. He's got sleep apnea, as well as he used to have night terrors, in addition to ADHD and possible Asperger's.

    There are lots of reasons that can cause kids to have trouble sleeping. Lack of the body producing melatonin, which you can supplement with a vitamin (perfectly safe, I promise!), ADHD, silent reflux, food allergies or intolerances, sleep apnea, and Austism (even high functioning) can all be possible factors.

    I hope his pediatrician is able to help you pinpoint the cause and brainstorm solutions. Good luck!



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