Sunday, February 19, 2012

What better place to start... Altars

What is an Altar? An altar is defined as any elevated place or surface at which religious rites are performed. But what is it really? Many Pagans feel that an Altar needs to be an elaborate piece of work, with expensive pieces on it. Its true that we would all LOVE to have the $500 dollar crystal ball in the shop window, but that's not always practical or affordable. What is most important constructing an altar is the intent put into it. So on that note, is it even necessary to have it on a "surface" in the traditional sense. What about this? 

While looking at the traditional definition of an Altar, this would not count. However, on a personal level it has very special meaning to me both personally and spiritually. So why cant we carry our altars on our bodies. For that matter, why cant they be something as simple as some rocks and seashells that represent the elements and goddess and god. Don't get me wrong, I love the process of changing out my altar for the Sabbats, but there is just something about looking at the simple beauty of nature as it is and enjoying it in its natural beauty. So next time you look at your altar and think about everything you don't have, STOP and look at all that you do have and what it means to you and how special it is to you.

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