Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Impressions- The Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

So just a little bit of back story. I got back from being on the road pretty much all day on Friday, to find that the mail room closed at 1200 due to the training holiday (day off for all the civilians out there), but decided to check my box anyway. Sure enough there was a slip saying I had a package. I right away knew what it was, but would have to wait until Tuesday to get it.
Sure enough I go to get the mail today, get my box, and its the lovely box from Amazon containing my Tarot of the Silicon Dawn. I had been looking at getting it for a while, and had even seen the author post progress and updates on a forum that I belong to. Well after perusing and thumbing through the book, I must say, that the wait was worth it. First, if you are not familiar with it, it has the traditional 78 cards, PLUS an additional 21. That's right, it has 99 cards! Where to begin....
So me being who I am, I immediately start to look at the cards. Let me just say, that no pictures can do theses cards justice. Many of them appear to be fairly "normal," until you move them in the light, and realize that there is a coating on them that causes other designs to appear in the light! This is pretty cool LOL. So like all decks it has the standard suits; Cups, Swords, Pents, and Wands, but each has an added "99". So each suit have 15 cards. Plus there is an added, unfinished suit of "Void." Again I have not dove full on into the book, but it looks to be interesting. Speaking of the book, not only doe it give the meanings that are unique to this deck, but it in color and 5 languages. She has managed to throw some humor into the book. For example, when talking about the fourth Fool she says "Because oh sweet mother of f***er is this fall going to hurt." I found this not only funny, but a great way to drive home the point and meaning of the card. The images are going to take some getting used to, as they are not exactly traditional. While the general idea is there, many of the cards focus more on the feminine side. I personally am not used to this, but am looking forward to exploring this more.
As far as the box it came it. It is nice as well. It has a magnetic closure, and a diagram of the cards on the inside of the lid. All said and done, I am really glad that I got this deck. As I begin to delve deeper into this deck I will be sure to update everyone as to how things are going, and any new "discoveries" that I make. Until then, take a look at this video of the author showing off her copy.

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